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Andrea Baker

Monash University

Gendered Sexual Violence in the Music City:

#metoo and #meNOmore are now common hashtags to address sexual violence in the Australian music  industry. This project considers the impact of these hashtags in the thriving communities in the renowned music cities of Melbourne and New York City. 

In the post #metoo2.0 era, this project examines the safety of women and non-binary musicians and journalists (aged 18 and over) working in the urban music spaces of Melbourne and New York City. It assesses the impact of sexual violence and offers solutions to this outstanding epidemic.  

Unlike other studies that have emerged about the wider creative sector, the project offers a holistic view by working across the disciplines of journalism, music, architecture and criminology. Assessing the impact of #metoo on the music industry, the data derived from mobile technologies will help to offer solutions to maintaining safe working conditions in music cities, such as Melbourne and New York City, which are also known as smart cities.