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Daniel Bacchieri

Monash University

Beyond Burke Street: Melbourne Buskers in the Digital World

‘Beyond Bourke Street: Melbourne Buskers in the Digital World’ is a PhD project currently underway by Daniel Bacchieri at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

This research will demonstrate the global nature of the street music scene, focusing on Bourke Street in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, as a site of both local and translocal interconnections. It will explore how buskers are connected through the interplay of technology, fans and viewers. 

The website is part of Daniel’s PhD thesis on street music and it presents a podcast, music playlists and Instagram videos featuring Melbourne street musicians. It also highlights his studies on street music around the world with the StreetMusicMap project.

Pierce Brothers busking on Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD. 23 December 2019. Photo by Daniel Bacchieri.